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Lessons are based around a structures syllabus, each aspect taking approximately an hour to teach, from basic controls lessons, to manouvers and dual carriageway skills.  Lessons will progress at your pace.

We teach in and around the Gosport and Lee-on-the-Solent, Fareham, Stubbington,  Portchester, Titchfield area. 

We will try to teach you a wide range of skills that will prepare you not just for your test, but give you the skills required for  a life time of safe driving.  This can include driving on rural roads, dual carriage way lessons, following signs to reach a destination and knowing how to react to emergency vehicals.  Lessons are not restricted to the local area and we will try to fit in a dark lesson if you normally drive during the day, or vice versa, a day time lesson if you normally drive in the evening, especially in the winter months.

We can arrange pick ups from your place of work, home or college.  Your lesson is dedicated to you only which means we will not 'piggy back' other pupils onto your lesson. 

Refresher lessons can be booked if it has been a while since you drove a car, or you need to polish up on a few skills such as motorway driving or parking your car in a parking space!

We will teach pupils that have been banned from driving and need to retake their driving test, or those who need to update their licence from certain countries.

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Pass Plus                                                                                  

For those of you who have passed your test in the last year, aged 17 - 24, you may consider taking the 'Pass Plus' Course.  The course is for a mimimum of 6 hours covering the following aspects of driving:

  • in town
  • on rural roads
  • in all weathers
  • on dual carriageways and motorways
  • in the dark

A number of insurance companies will offer a discount for young newly qualified drivers that have completed a Pass Plus Course.  It is designed to try and reduce the numbers of 17 -24 year olds that are killed or seriously injured on our roads ever year.  It will also give you the extra experience needed to deal with a wide range of situations on the road. 

We are also registered on the Hampshire County Council Pass Plus scheme will allows you to claim back £75 of the course, fee if you qualify.

To register please go to Hampshire County Council's webpage www.hants.gov.uk/roadsafety


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